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Fashion KITS that were once HITS

Fashion is changing so also trends. Few years ago we loved galaxy motive or neons. Now it’s not very fashionable. So I prepared a list of hits that we all loved but now they are kits.

1. moustache motive

It was everywhere. On the school bags, pencil cases and clothes. I think I can say that almost everyone have at least one thing with moustache. Now it justify of fashion.

2. Galaxy motive

Another motive which was everywhere. Even I have a galaxy T-shirt 😅 (and I loved it) But people just get tired of this, the years have passed and now it’s not fashionable.

3. Wedge shoes

A kind of shoes that look a little bit sporty and we can wear them to actually everything. I classified them as out of fashion because nobody wears them anymore.

Okay I know this is SUPER short but I dont have much time. In next week I have very important exams and I must learning. I hope you understand, anyway see you on Saturday.



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