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Fashion KITS that were once HITS

Fashion is changing so also trends. Few years ago we loved galaxy motive or neons. Now it’s not very fashionable. So I prepared a list of hits that we all loved but now they are kits.

1. moustache motive

It was everywhere. On the school bags, pencil cases and clothes. I think I can say that almost everyone have at least one thing with moustache. Now it justify of fashion.

2. Galaxy motive

Another motive which was everywhere. Even I have a galaxy T-shirt 😅 (and I loved it) But people just get tired of this, the years have passed and now it’s not fashionable.

3. Wedge shoes

A kind of shoes that look a little bit sporty and we can wear them to actually everything. I classified them as out of fashion because nobody wears them anymore.

Okay I know this is SUPER short but I dont have much time. In next week I have very important exams and I must learning. I hope you understand, anyway see you on Saturday.


How to make your hair shiny ? TIPS

How many times have you seen beautiful influencer hair and wished you had the same? Im gonna tell you the secret 🤫 But first of all I will show you my hair because I have a motto “don’t take advice from people who haven’t achieved what you want”

Im sorry for the quality but my phone decided to don’t collaborate with me. I swear my hair looks much better in real live. So this is my tips.

1. Rice water.

How to prepare? You have to cook rice (without salt) and then you should put water (from rice) on your hair and leave for one hour. People advice to do it once a month but I’m doing it every week. It makes you hair softer and more shiny. Female in Japan and Korea using this method for decades.

2. Hair oiling.

To oiling your hair you can use typical oil from the drugstore. You should do this one a week and leave oil for 40 minutes.

3. Keratin.

This was a huge revolution in my hair care. Keratin (in spray) made my hair easy to comb, also my hair become more shiny.

4. Silk.

We can use silk instead of keratin but it’s more expensive way to improve your hair. In my opinion it’s better to try keratin first but silk is also a good choice.

5. Mask with olive oil and coconut oil.

You will need 2-3 spoons of olive oil and 1-2 spoons of coconut oil. Mix it and put on your hair. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse.

And that’s it for today. In next post I gonna tell you what not to do if you want to have strong and shiny hairs. See you on Monday.

Fashion in the 80s and 70s!!

The fashion was quite different than it is now, and yet so similar. A lot of trends came back. Today I will show you this amazing clothes that are living now a second live.

1. Puffed sleeves

Puffed sleeves was popularized by the Nina Ricci salon. They were a huge hit in 80s on disco. They are also very fashionable now. This kind of sleeves is amazing for girls with small bust

2. Bells pants

Okay I think every girl has these pants. Actually, I do not like this trend because of my figure. I would look like a duck, but this is not important.

3. Mini skirts

We can find them in almost every music video or movie. They never really went out of style. Icons like Britney Spreas wore them often.

4. Colors

Maybe it’s not clothes but something important. Look, now everyone wears white or black, eventually grey. Of course on this planet are people who love colors, but I think everyone agree that there are fewer of them. In 70s and 80s every outfit was colorful.

5. Platform shoes

I have to admit that I have about three pairs of this type of shoes and I love them. They were famous in Argentina in 2013-2016 (the most).

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post and hope you come back. See you in Friday

The BEST fashion accessories 2021

Hi! In today’s post I would like to talk about accessories. In my opinion accessories are one of the most important things in our every days outfit. In 2021 we have so many new opportunities,more then belts. Oh that’s so exciting. After reading this post you will know about the best accessories in this year. Let’s start!

1. Corsets

Corsets are one of the best thing that happen to me in 2021. We can match them with almost everything. They wonderfully emphasize the figure, especially the waist.

2. Mini bags

I’m sure you’ve already seen this amazing mini bags. Celebrities love them for long time but 2021 made us all wear them. Also,we can find them in almost every chain store.

3. Shawls

They are good in every season. In winter it will complete your outfit and keep you warm. And in summer it will be a great addition to a swimsuit.

4. Sunglasses

Okay I think everyone will agree that sunglasses make us have more swag. Anyway this year we have many colors and shapes to choose from. Let me know which is your favourite !

5. Bags which looks like a basketball.

Okay I love bags which looks like a ball. This trends helps me a little bit haha. I won’t look stupid anymore with a ball on the chain. I love,love,love it!

Okay that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this post 🥰 see you soon!